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We are the Western Canada distributor and warehouse for NIAGARA FLAPPERLESS Low-Flush Toilets
These very low-maintenance toilets feature a unique leak-free flapperless design and use only 4.8 litres of water per flush. (standard toilets use approx. 13 litres per flush and most low-flush models use 6 litres)


For more information on NIAGARA FLAPPERLESS toilets please use this link to the NIAGARA FLAPPERLESS website

Niagara Flapperless:
Revolutionary toilet. Permanent 4.8 litres per flush. Substantially decreases water consumption and bills immediately! No double flushing! No leaks...ever!

  • Out-flushes all 13 litre toilets
  • No double-flushing, Period! One flush will thoroughly empty the bowl every time
  • Maintenance free - no flapper, chain or lever to replace
  • Large 10" x 20" footprint designed to cover replacements
  • Fits both 10" and 12" rough-ins
  • Large tank fills space where old toilet was removed - no wall touch-up required
  • No leaks...ever! PLUS: no-sweat tank

    What is a Flapper?
    A flapper is the flexible seal that controls the water flow between the toilet tank and bowl. When the toilet is flushed the flapper is lifted by the flush handle and chain, water then drains from the tank to the bowl. Once all of the water has drained from the tank the flapper valve closes and the tank refills.

    Why Do Flappers Deteriorate?
    The reason why flappers leak is that they are made of rubber. When rubber is immersed in water, over time it will corrode. A flapper will corrode more quickly if it is exposed to hard water or chlorine cleaning pucks. Usually a flapper will last two-to-three years before it begins to seep, at an initial rate of around 100,000 litres a year. As the flapper ages the water leaked begins to gradually increase.

    Water Flushed Down the Drain:

    • Households with standard 13L toilets flush on average 21,350 litres per person, per year
    • Households with 6L toilets flush on average 9,860 litres per person, per year
    • Households with Niagara Flapperless 4.8L toilets flush on average 7,880 litres per person, per year

    Leaking Toilets: The Largest Source of Household Water Waste

    • Most toilet leaks, with time, occur at the flapper valve
    • Many flappers will start to leak within 3 years - in less than one year in some areas of hard water or with use of chlorine-cleansing pucks

    • A small toilet leak = 100,000 litres of water per year
    • A moderate leak = 200,000 litres per year.
      This is equivalent to filling a large in-ground swimming pool with wasted water
    • A large leak = 400,000 litres per year


    For more information on NIAGARA FLAPPERLESS toilets please use this link to the NIAGARA FLAPPERLESS website

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